The Quest

The Quest is on appropriation in writing, on sources no longer, on content through form, on poetry. Concealing, unveiling: A quest suggests change, is often allegorical, a plot device to introduce momentum into a narrative. Isolated and no longer attached to a context, the words were combined to verses, the verses placed on pages, the pages animated to a slideshow, the slideshow worked back into – these – pages. (Geraldine Tedder)

The Quest originates from the eponymous exhibition: Delphine Chapuis Schmitz – The Quest, curated by Christoph Schifferli and Geraldine Tedder, which took place in 2017 at Archiv (Erikastrasse 11, Zurich).

Type artist’s book
Year 2019
Title The Quest
Artist Delphine Chapuis Schmitz
Publisher backbonebooks
Spec. 225 × 305 mm, softcover, 160 pages, with an essay by Geraldine Tedder