peripher, Andreas Tschersich

This is the first monograph presenting the work of Andreas Tschersich, a Swiss artist based in Berlin.

In the works of Andreas Tschersich, “peripher” functions as a structural, aesthetic and mental moment. It refers to places of transit and transition that defy unequivocal classification, standardization, and demarcation. Tschersich portrays cityscapes in which people, upkeep, habits and uses always remain hidden. The tenor remains the same regardless of whether the scene is set in Charleroi, Liverpool, New York or Tokyo. (Andreas Koller)

Type artist’s monograph
Year 2016
Title peripher
Artist Andreas Tschersich
Authors Toni Hildebrandt, Adam Jasper, Raphael Urweider
Editing Andreas Koller, Guillaume Mojon, Andreas Tschersich
Publisher Edition Patrick Frey
Spec. 320 × 250 mm, hardcover, 164 pages, 76 color images, English